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Meet the Staff

Thomas R. Elkins – Managing Partner

Tommy Elkins, one of the original members and developers of The Haven, is a 1967 graduate of LSU and a 1971 graduate of the law school at LSU. He practiced corporate, banking and security law in Baton Rouge for 20 years before becoming involved in the health care industry. He was a managing owner of the Forest Manor Nursing Home in Covington, Louisiana, from 1976-1991. This activated his interest in the care of seniors and was the catalyst for the development of The Haven.

The initial idea and purpose for the birth of The Haven was to provide a pleasant, supportive atmosphere for seniors or others who had health issues that required some assistance with their activities of daily living. Mr. Elkins felt that the nursing home setting was not only depressing but inefficient and unnecessarily institutional in its approach to providing this care. It is for this reason that The Haven strives to provide a setting where seniors, with or without limiting health issues, can enjoy an independent lifestyle similar to that enjoyed earlier in their lives. Many of the residents of The Haven live independent lifestyles and simply want to enjoy the convenience and camaraderie that The Haven lifestyle allows.

The ownership and management of The Haven are local, and all management decisions are made on-site. Each resident is considered special, and all of them are on a first-name basis with the Executive Director, Director of Resident Care, Resident Care Managers, Director of Food Services, Activity Coordinator, housekeepers, dining staff and Mr. Elkins. The desire of the owners and the purpose of management are to provide a setting where those that elect to do so can enjoy a secure, carefree lifestyle in a convenient, centrally located setting.

The guiding principle behind The Haven and the primary goal of all involved, including staff, managers and owners, is for each member of The Haven family to be happy. It is the enduring commitment of The Haven to provide this and for each resident to enjoy their lives "the way life was meant to be," which is also the company motto.